Don Billiez
Don Billiez
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World'n Jazz
New album 2018 Echoes of Magic Trips
Catalan White African, as he likes to define himself. Companion of Nino Ferrer who hired him in his band at only 20 years. In the early 80s he contributes to the creation of the group Touré Kunda (Senegal), with whom he toured in Europe, Africa, the States and Japan until 1985 ... They become Number 1 of world music worldwide! For him, that time will remain his "Initiatory journey" the spine of a resolutely free career!

Sax sideman on the rock scene, he worked with Alain Bashung, Paul Personne (rock and blues song / France), other various artists on the International scene (Walter Arraujo / Brazil, Foxy Camara (Guinea), Micky Finn, Skiffle ( England) and other various French artists such as Alain Leprest Fred Blondin, B. Lavilliers ..... He participated in the recording of forty albums, including the must Amadu Tilo, the famous Paris Ziginchor live in Africa and Natalia produced by Bill Laswell/New York, Touré Kunda Shares the 'Novice Tour' (Stage and live album), Alain Bashung; 5 albums of Paul Person whose Route 97.. Live at the Olympia He played on biggest stages: Carnegie Hall in New York, at the Spectrum Montreal to Tokyo, Dakar, Bamako, New York, the first Avenue Minneapolis, Chicago, Rézé ..(all the Biography can be upload from the page)

In 2010, with his son Arthur, drummer, created the MED Quartet, with the bassist Pierre Fayolle and the pianist Julien Teissier. They met trumpeter Philippe Anicaux and percussionist Sebastien L 'Hermitte and formed the Groovin'Mediterranya.
This will be followed by the recording of the album Chapter free which he delegated the musical direction and achievement by his son Arthur. The official launch occurred at the end of 2013.

2014 -2015 New tracks with the band : ADDICTIVE PULSE…

2016 New band : SQ5 !!!
2018 New album "Echoes of Magic Trips" (B'S Prod/Inouie)

Michel Billes : Saxophones
Arthur Billès : Drums -
Franck Lamiot : Hammond organ & Piano
Cyril Peron : acoustic & electric guitar
Emmanuel Soulignac : Bass & doublebass

Dates Lieu
ve 23 novembre 2018   DON BILLIEZ/SQ5 convergence -la Ciotat
sa 24 novembre 2018   DON BILLIEZ /SQ5 -TPA Fest. Aix en Provence-Le Puit St Reparade -1ere part. de Touré Kunda –
sa 25 mai 2019   Festival les ateliers Jazz du Meslay-grez
sa 15 juin 2019   Festival de Poche à Banon !04)
sa 27 juillet 2019   Fest. Lez’Arts Ô soleil @ La Bastide des Jourdans 84440
ve 03 avril 2020   au Jazz Fola à Luynes (13- Fr)
sa 04 avril 2020   au Kfé Quoi à Forcalquier (04)
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Malia New breath - Album Echoes of Magic trips
Under the celestial vault - le petit prince - Album Echoes of Magic trips
Freedom Walk - Album Echoes of Magic trips
Madame Reve (Hommage à Alain Bashung) - Album Echoes of Magic trips
Full Moon - Album Echoes of Magic trips
Le jour d'après (Bataclan) - Album Echoes of Magic trips
When I was an African (Chapter Free)
A Simple Joke (Chapter Free)
Art is back (Chapter Free)
Human Respect (Chapter Free)
Tout va bien s'passer (Chapter Free)
Catalunya (Chapter Free)


Echoes of Magic Trips
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