Erik Aliana
Erik Aliana
Afro-world, Cameroun
ERIK ALIANA & PICKET - new album "Just my soul"
Songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist Erik Aliana is a key figure of the Cameroonian musical renewal.

Traditional and contemporary instruments combine to polyrhythmic songs with jazzy and funky accent. His talent is expressed in this mixture of genres and eras: a windfall of rhythmic surprises, melodic and harmonic enhanced by a generous and sensitive solo singing. Ancestral and modern music!

Accompanied by his group Korongo Jam or acoustic duo, Erik Aliana book on an enchanting and mesmerizing stage show, in which he makes the traveling public through this traditional African and universal ...

"The result on stage, bright and cheerful, is a captivating appeal. »The World
"Singer sensitive, subtle orchestrator ... an enchanting charm. "Télérama
"Singer of great finesse whose smooth voice alone is a miracle. "Inrocks
"An atypical musician gifted with exceptional talent and a particular style. "Musicali

After a remarkable debut in Cameroon and Africa, Erik Aliana's revelation of Mixed Music festival in Angoulême in 2003 for his first European tour. In 2005, it was the US and Asia where it produces every year between 2006 and 2011. In 2011, he signed with the French label Buda Musique with the album Songs from Badissa released in "Selection FIP "(Radio France). His new album Just My Land, the second "Selecting FIP", was presented in February 2014 as part of the Festival of Voice Over in Paris (nominated for "Heart Stroke" of the Orange Foundation).

November 2016: New album "Just my soul"
(Buda Records / distr. Universal)

On Stage :

Training duo Erik Aliana is accompanied by Francis Dschoutezo aka "Piket" (bassist and percussionist), his complice from 10 years with his group Korongo Jam.

Quintet: Erik Aliana (voice, guitar, sanza ...) / Francis Dschoutezo (bass, sanza ...) / Fabien Prezat (guitar) / Aymeric Krol (percussion, balafon) / Desire Nkouandou (drums)

(credit photos Colleen Hogg)
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Nkana @ Festival Au Fil des Voix 2014
Wake Up (live) Festival Sauti za Busara 2015

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