Rona Hartner
Rona Hartner
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Rona Hartner - The Balkanik Gospel

New Album 2015 The Balkanik Gospel

Balkanik The Gospel is a major project! This album recorded with The Zuralia Orchestra, Blending gospel, marching band, jazz and inspired by traditional Balkan music, reminiscent of the grand spaces built to open new perspectives. It is an invitation to a change of scenery guaranteed! More than just a concert, it's a show full of poetry ... Rona Hartner, who sometimes was criticized to be noticed more by his sense of dance as his voice finally gave us a beautiful vocal power demonstration and creativity in the composition.
The Zuralia Orchestra founded in 2011, is a group of 12 experienced musicians, recognized locally and internationally, mixing trumpets, tuba, drums, violin, darbuka, accordions, three voice and a clarinet. A Romanian Fusion Folklore and traditional gypsy music mixed with Jazz, Reggae, Latin music and oriental ..

It is a mixed and cosmopolitan set of Balkan singers and musicians, bringing a real brass band scene in the creative game where mèlent 2 female voices, soprano and alto, a traditional singer (crisp) of Roma origin, Onstage they exude joie de vivre, with voice warm and additional stamps, which run all shades, murmurs improvised vocalizations. Their concert is designed to allow the public to participate, to witness and share a hymn to love.

FORMS OF MUSICAL SCENE 2 are possible !!
Either Rona and The Zuralia Orchestra (12 musicians + 2 technicians)

Rona and The BALKANIK Gospel Project Unplugged
6 musicians ... Singing: Rona Hartner /
Battery: Vincent Rodriguez-Patino /
Guitars Bartholo Claveria
Helicon Victor Rahola /
Accordion: Ivica Bogdanic /
Clarinet Franck Seguy

1 sound engineer : Geoffrey Touboul
1 lightsengineer & Videos : Iulian Furtuna

Hacienda presents these projects with the agreement of Rejoyce Live (France)
Also according to Prom-Art Creative (Romania) and The Zuralia Orchestra's Team
Cover Artwork by Paul Hitter
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