discover Dani Lança on stage
Dani Lança on stage in the first part of Manu Chao
Spring Festival of Pérouges (June 2017)
L'Hacienda Member of Zone Franche
New in 2018: Hacienda Musik has just joined one of the largest pro network around Musiques Actuelles in France: Zone Franche Network !!! ... And yes, unity is strength
Let us meet
Facebook ....don't forget to Like !!!
The Balkanik Gospel on Itunes
" The Balkanik gospel " Find it on Itunes
Hacienda on Ethnocloud
Many thanks to the platform Ethnocloud !! Superb showcase for artists from around the world and those of Hacienda too, all in English !!!
Just two friends...
Dani Lança (Lisbonne-Portugal) & Cico (Bologne Italie) have recorded a New Clip SOMETIMES ...
Dom Duff New clip
The video KOAD AN NOZ will be published on Sunday 19 November.
Shot on the bay of Kernic Plouescat, it tells the story of the forest sunken under the bay where Dom was raised.
Filmed and directed by Konan Mevel.
New Vidéo Flamenco - Luis Davila Oria
Discover le Nouveau clip de Luis "Feliz incomprensión", extract from New album HUMANO ....Coming soon (2018)
Babel Med 17 à Marseille du 16 au 18 Mars
If you are looking for Hacienda MUSIK and its team at Babel Med Music,
We will be Stand 48, on J1, facing the sea ....
See you there...
Dom Duff : Nouvel Album
New album on 21th of october about breton letter K , forbiden in 1955 to write KER = town, village
Here it is !!!
New album 2016 CIDADE LOCA Dani Lança "Vagabundo da Rua", produced by Satélite K Barcelone
Wec Project 2.0
May 2016 New EP from La Wec Family : WEC Project 2.0
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