Nouvel album de Dõm Duff "7vet Kelc'h"

NEW VIDEO by Konan Mevel sur un morceau LIESLIV, extract from Dõm Duff new album "7vet Kelc'h" ( 7th Circle) - #Breizh Power #Folk
"7vet Kelc'h" feat. #Kohann ( #Paganab / #CoopBreizh )

Jazz Oriental= Sirocco by United Colors of Mediterranée
discover SIROCCO New album of United Colors of Mediterranée
an hymn to peace.....
Engine - Studio de l'Ermitage Paris - 7th june 2019
The Aurasky Music Label is pleased to announce the release of the new LP of the Engine group entitled "SI VIENE LA MUERTE" (AURASKY MUSIC / THE ORCHARD) LP which will be available on May 31, 2019 on all digital platforms and in physical output Format Digipack. "If Viene the Muerte" 1st Engine LP # Afro / Latin # Blues / Rock # Flamenco
There is so much energy in Engine. Energy of the voices in harmony, the two guitars and the harmonica, sometimes in solo, sometimes in backdrop. Energizing Latin rhythms, flamenco flights, blues tones, rock energy, groove and funky. Inspiring all-round, eclectic staging, unexpected choreography. Three actors-musicians who give each song a theatrical dimension. Three voices calling each other, answering each other in Spanish, English, French. Songs like poems, poems like strong arrests, ironic and sensitive reflections. So goes Engine, energetic and complicit, spectacular and profound. Engine is a scenic, harmonic and lyrical experience, a unique experience on the part of a trio. After a tour in New Mexico (USA) in early 2019, Engine will be in Europe in late May to extend its journey and celebrate the official release of his album
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